Capcom new “Exzoprimal” announced. Wear a reinforcement suit and face a large group of dinosaurs

Capcom announced “ Exaplimal ” on March 10. Supported platform is scheduled to be released in 2023 with his PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S / STeam.

The stage is 2040 years of the year. Suddenly the flock of dinosaur caused by the city and people, ie “dinosaur disasters” occurred around the world, and humanity was in crisis. However, “Dinosaur forecast” which identifies where dinosaur disasters occur due to the new generation AI “Leviathan” developed by Ibius. In addition, development of the latest powered suit “Exzo Suit” was underway to compete with dinosaurs. It is an “Egzo Fighter”, which is a hoping of humanity, wearing Egzosuit and destroying dinosaurs. The player will receive an “Egzo Fighter” with an appropriate trial of Iybius, and will be able to protect people from dinosaur disasters.

Main mode “Dinosa Babal” in this work is one team with five players online, and it is a pair of five VS5 opponents that compete with the team. The player participates in the team specialized in the role of roles and participates in the team, and in the situation where a large amount of dinosaurs works, we will play against the other team while cooperating with the team’s companions. Achieve a wide variety of missions presented from the new generation AI “Leviathan” and aim for victory.

Various suites appear in this work, each of which role is roles. The suit of the suit is large and three kinds, and three types, an assault that destroys enemies with rich attack means, a tank protecting an enemy attack, a tank who protects the team, the recovery of the friend, and the support to create a situation that is easy to fight with the weakening of the enemy do. Extots can be changed at any time. Although there are some gaps, it is possible to make a suit change even during battle, so you can enjoy the capture of using Exosuits, depending on the team formation and the situation of the battle.

As an enemy, dinosaurs such as Tilanosaurus, Laptor and Pteranodon appear one after another from the segment of the dimension called Vortex. Hundreds of dinosaurs appear in a holiday situation where hundreds of dinosaurs appeared in cooperation play with friends who made emergency role actions.

In addition, in the “Dinosa Bavar”, which is the main mode of this work, we will win a wide variety of missions presented by the new generation AI “Leviathan” in the area where dinosaur disasters occur, and will win if it can be achieved earlier than the other team. Since the mission presented changes depending on the player’s skill and the situation, it is possible to experience different experiences every time you play. In addition, Leviathan supports the next thing to do with the voice, displaying routes to the destination, and the player’s navigation.

The producer of this work is “Monster Hunter: World” “Monster Hunter World: Icebourne” (STEAM version) and Mr. Ichiro Kiyokawa. As director, Mr. Takaro Hiraoka, who served as “monster hunter double cross” “Monster Hunter World: Icebone” main planner.

“Egzoprimal” is scheduled to be released 2023 for his PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S / STEAM.

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