The MMORPG Broken Ranks sketches its roadmap 2022

If Broken RANKS is probably not the most prominent MMORPG, the independent Polish developer WhiteMoon nevertheless strives to make him live since his launch at the end of last January. A few days ago (before the triggering of hostilities in Ukraine), the developer sketched his roadmap for the coming quarters: it is retained that the studio intends to chain the additions of medium or high content (in particular instances and quests that are associated with them), the improvement of functionalities, the organization of in-game events (for example for Easter) or the addition of cosmetic content for the shop – which contribute to finance the exploitation of the title distributed in Free -TO-PLAY.

Broken Ranks - Roadmap 2022

Among the notable additions, there are more specifically the addition of the guild territories (in principle planned for this month of March and which must pose the basis of several future mechanisms for the guilds), a rebalancing of the craft of the improvements. Flasses or the integration of a high-end system, scheduled for the end of the second quarter 2022. In the longer term, the Studio considers the addition of a new map to Explorer (Underground) during the third quarter, parallel to PVP arenas that will host tournaments. At the end of the year, the studio should focus on a system of guild wars, in addition to continuing the narrative frame of the game universe.

While waiting to gradually discover these different items on room in the coming months, the current version of Broken Ranks remains distributed in Free-to-Play, including via the official website.

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