All weapon skins are repainted in a wave of 1 store briefs for Apex Legends.

In Apex Legends there are four types of currency: fragments of family relics, Apex coins, craft metal and tokens legends. When you first get the game, the tokens of the legend are useful, because with their help you buy new characters. Nevertheless, experienced players have a tendency to accumulate and collect dust. Fortunately, however, from time to time a special sale will be carried out in which players can spend their legendary tokens in several ways. This time, the repainting store focuses on the skins of the weapon in the store repainting the weapons.

First Wave Store Browning Weapons

Skins for the briefing of the weapons are received by several waves, and each repainting costs 10,500 legends tokens (or 1800 Apex coins), but for its purchase it is also required that the player has the original skin. In the 1st wave of store repainting weapons, four reps and skin of the legendary weapons are available, which is required for their purchase. If you don’t have it, you can buy the necessary weapons for 1250 Apex coins at the weapon repainting store or for 1200 crafting metals on the usual tab of the Equipment.

Retroprichine (Legendary Skin R-301)

Required skin: Dynastic cycle

Arrow Aurora (skin legendary barrels)

Required skin: Eternal Wood

Flower of Death (Skin Legendary Rampage)

Required skin: selected steel

Magnum Opus (Legendary Skin R-99)

Required skin: Alchemist

The first wave of the briefing of the weapon is passed from March 8 to March 12.

Prestige skins changes ! × Apex Legends

Discounts on the skins for weapons “Fragment of the nucleus”

There is also one brand new skin briefing on the entire price of the store repainting a weapon. This is a legendary skin for R-99, which can be bought for 1800 Apex coins. It can also be purchased complied with 30 Apex sets for 3950 Apex coins. Both options are available from March 8 to March 22.

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