The new Bundle in Itch.IO brings together almost 600 games to support the victims of war in Ukraine

Crowd of independent developers around the world have collaborated to create the Bundle for Ukraine in Itch.IO, a great pack with almost a thousand items, more those that can be added throughout the days. The money that is collected will go to the Internal Medical Corps and Voice of Children charities, in aid to those affected in Ukraine after the invasion of Russia. Justice Bundle: Pixelated Games [No commentary, 2160p, 60FPS]
With a minimum price of $ 10 (and rated at $ 6.539) includes 991 items in total with 572 games between PC and Android devices, plus 317 table games, SSETS, soundtracks, comics and books. At the time of writing this news, 805,118.05 million dollars that have marked as a minimum target have already been collected.

While commenting on the news in this morning’s active recharge, my colleagues Víctor Martínez and Marta Trivi have taken advantage to make a couple of recommendations that are no longer rescued. On the one hand, Víctor spoke of the game of ships Zeroranger , an experience that he defines as “Yokotariana” and highly enjoyable; and YNGLET , a platform game that is characterized by the absence of jump button. Marta, on the other hand, recovers the particular Wandersong of Greg Lovanov, in which we will advance through the world using the character of the character; Along with not thing , an action title that reflects on surrealism and the physicity of things.

On a personal level, and taking into account the context of the pack, a very adequate experience would be that of enter me, my love , which tells the story of a Syrian refugee with which we will contact through the game itself, with interface of messaging application. It is not left to mention some more recognizable as the strong story we discovered through Inmost or other great titles as celeste , superhot , gonner , a short hike , Baba is you , minit and many more.

The Bundle for UCraine will be available until next March 18.

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