Intel authorized distributor, 12th generation Intel Core Processor Promotions

Intel Certified Distributor (Representative Son Chang, Certificate), Indech and Company (Representative Seo Jung Wook), and the “I am surprised to the overwhelming performance” and “I am surprised at the overwhelming performance.”

This promotion is located in the shop Nada, Joezen, Hansung Computer, Omifier, Zhengzhen, Happiness Shopping, This X Korea, Eye Computer, Guidele, Ahacom, Gifted Computer, Haiti Enjoy, Pc Lion, After purchasing the 12th generation Intel Core I5, I7, i9 processors that correspond to the event, you can apply for a receipt. Everyone with the purchase event also proceeds to a quiz event that can participate.

The 12th generation Intel Core Processor provides the maximum operating speed 5.1GHz clock, up to 16 core 24 threads through a high performance hybrid architecture. Through the skills that exceed the possibilities, you can experience improved performance with a relaxing and unmatched environment.

In addition, the industry’s first DDR5, PCIe 5.0 is supported, and the IPC is improved by the new processor core architecture, and innovative mega-tasking such as play, seamless streaming, encoding.

12th Gen Core Alder Lake SoC Features Explained | Intel Technology
“The Intel official distributor official said,

On the other hand, the 12th generation Intel Core Processor Buyer is able to confirm and registration of genuine CPU on RealCPU site. Genuine CPU registration products can be checked for 3 years of free A / S support as well as software problems.

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