LOL: Professional group dedicates the cursed yet talented “God of the solo

** Just a couple of weeks ago, Magifelix played back to the top of the EU-West server as well as got to a strong number of LP in 1920.

Magifelix wins game alone – still flies out of the professional team.

Magifelix achieved greatest ranking in all 5 functions in the Soloq.

For years he was in the Academy team of Fnatic, yet never ever took care of to be in the expert team. From the outside presumed helpless fans that he had troubles with the nerves or can just interact badly.

What is special concerning the gamer? Usually, a LOL gamer can only play a solitary role. Magifelix has currently gotten to 2020 with all 5 duties in Organization of Legends, the highest possible ranking, “Opposition”.

An 18-year-old is thought about “beasts” and also “brilliant” – he plays one of the most ungralant function.

In this attribute, he could even shine in the lovely below ground group as well as also decide a match with a wrinkle backdoor play.

_ The “Backdoorplay” gets Magifelix just in a suit versus Misfits. They currently bring him as Profi _:.

In all 5 rolls of Opposition to come to be, after him, only the Twitch Banner Tyler1 has prospered, which made the exact same task stay in the stream. Tyler1 required 2 years and greater than 6,000 gamers.

Magifelix – “Soloq-God” without a specialist contract.

Magifelix has actually so far made a hard and also combined specialist job.

AStralis Magiflex made a decision to reject after a year and not prolong his agreement. It was claimed that Magifelix does not fairly match the approach (via reddit), which might not understand any type of human from the exterior. You believed, Astralis would certainly drive a difficult austerity rate.

** The Misfits group devoted the 22-year-old Sweden Carl Felix ‘Magifelix’ Boström at Organization of Legends. Magifelix is taken into consideration to be an outright expert in LOL since he has actually played the greatest ranking Opposition on every placement. Before the playoffs, it is committed to the luckless and teamless LOL phenomenal monkey Magifelix as well as creates (using Twitter):.

** The Misfits team devoted the 22-year-old Sweden Carl Felix ‘Magifelix’ Boström at Organization of Legends. The should act as a substitute player for all 5 duties in LOL if something goes wrong with Group 1 or 2. Magifelix is thought about to be an absolute professional in LOL because he has actually played the highest possible rank Challenger on every position.

Why professional groups make a plainly such skilled player only with the push forceps, yet still appears to be a secret, over whose solution you can just guess. Possibly the Swede is truly excessive a “one-man program” to work in a specialist team. Or he truly cursed.

Misfits appears to be simply equally as “hedging” if one of their 10 players in the 1st or second team happens something.

The Team That Saved League of Legends

With the playoffs in front of the door, we have decided to commit a replacement for several functions if an emergency takes place in the LEC or LFL.

As well as you understand that there is just one that can accomplish this work (following to Tyler1).

Welcome to Misfits, Magifelx!

This is an incredible efficiency that has actually presented the Sweden 2020 the nickname “Soloq-God”. Ever since, lots of Magifelix have on the display.

Why is the player as damned? Usually, such a bombastic LOL player has been to bet 4 years in the specialist organization of LOL or at least run in an Academy team. But Magifelix has actually up until now made a challenging and also combined professional job.

In February 2021 he then got his chance: the group, Astralis, the weakest team of LEC, committed Magifelix as Midlaner.

This is the message of misfits: The LOL teams Misfits Gaming, which lies in Berlin, is presently at 10-5 on an excellent location 3 in the European League Lec. Currently they treat yourself to something. Before the playoffs, it is committed to the teamless and also luckless LOL phenomenal ape Magifelix as well as creates (through Twitter):.

Magifelix controls soloq, 2022 a brand-new opportunity.

Why does Magifelx obtain an opportunity again? Just a couple of weeks earlier, Magifelix repeated to the top of the EU-West web server and also got to a solid variety of LP in 1920. He was 300 points before the 2nd (through dotesports).

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