Elden Ring: Mysterious, unreachable place indicates the first DLC

In the Open World of Elden Ring is still much more hiding than the mere eye can always see. Because a datinine now reveals a place that is probably thought for a coming DLC. Where he is and how it looks exactly there, we show you now.

Video shows unreachable place in Elden Ring

In the open world of Elden Ring is in the northeast of Limgrave a huge building, which can not be entered from players. Before that, a ghostly figure wakes up, who absolutely wanted to fight as a warrior and asks why the doors do not open.

Behind these doors, the DataMiner Lance McDonald is now hatched and makes visible, which is not yet seen by players and players. If you want to see the mysterious place with your own eyes, you can watch this YouTube video:

An arena for the first DLC?

The big structure is behind his walls a mighty arena free, which matches the Coliseum. The area lacks details and he still looks pretty unfinished. But the later purpose of this building seems to be clear: a scene for a coming PVP expansion .

The Elden Ring PvP Experience

This theory is only supported by the words of the available NPC. And it is not uncommon for from software to follow PVP content. For example, Dark Souls 3 received special areas after publication, which enabled the issuing of online fighting with other players .

So Elden Ring will probably get an arena donated here. When it is time, can not be said yet. If the PVP arena finally opens its doors, we will inform you again.

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