Netflix on weekends: We can recommend 3 highlights

For everyone on the weekend on Netflix is ​​something: either for fans of frosty survival films, for thriller fans or for those viewers who like to see a homely family comedy. We introduce you to our 3 highlights on Netflix for the weekend!

Against the Ice

Street Against The Ice from now on Netflix.

When the world was not completely explored, researchers have always set out in lifelong territories – without guarantee, whether they would ever return. Against The Ice tells such a story: Two Danish scientists traveled in 1909 with the crew of a ship to Greenland to prove that the huge island does not consist of two parts. In the icy cold you leave the ship back and actually find what you were looking for. However, when they return, they encounter the wreck of the ship – and the survival battle begins.

Against The ICE is based on a true story and is the first original Netflix film shot on Iceland.

An invisible thread

Streams an invisible thread from now on Netflix.

The family comedy An invisible thread promises a heartfelt film about a normal family consisting of two married men and their son. The 16-year-old Leonne lives with his fathers in Italy and turns a documentary about them, as coming-of-aging worries and a real problem put the family upside down. An invisible fader should be charming, ensure a good mood and still discuss some important topics of our time – what would fit better to round off a relaxed evening?

Part of her

Streams a part of her from now on Netflix.

Also for Thriller fans, Netflix has something to offer on the weekend: in the new Mystery series part of her changes a Saturday afternoon the relationship between a mother and her daughter forever. Mother Laura (Toni Collette) uses her intelligent tires near fighting skills to protect her daughter. It becomes clear that Laura is not the woman who has given her – and suddenly both catches the brutal past of Laura.

Disney + in March 2022: New Marvel Series Moon Knight

Streamed Moon Knight from March 30 to Disney +.

A small view: Disney + also waits in March with such some cute appets, not least with the long-awaited Marvel series Moon Knight with Oscar Isaac in the lead role. Moon Knight is to appear on March 30, 2022 on Disney +.

Top 10 Best Netflix Series to Watch Right Now! 2022

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If you have not looked in yet: We have recommended these two quite new Netflix series on the last weekends – Viking: Valhalla , a spin-off to the Viking series Vikings and Inventing Anna , the history of Notorious scams in the 2000s.

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