How to unlock fighters in Roblox Anime Battlegrounds X

Anime Battlegrounds X from Roblox is an adventure, complete epic rollers, rich music and many regions and locations that can be discovered for yourself. Unlike most anime games in Roblox, Anime Battlegrounds X includes a unique combat sequence that requires players to fight the waves of enemies, deploying their unlocked fighters and using the ability of their character. These combat arena are almost impossible to go through only your character, so it is important to unlock companion characters. That’s how to collect a few fighters to help you!

Buy them with Robux

TO The easiest way Unlock some fighters Buy them with robukes . If you open your menu of fighters On the left side you can see your current own characters and all Potential characters could be collected. By clicking on any shaded silhouettes, you can quickly buy them using Robux. Each of them costs an equal number 199 Reals . However, if you do not want to spend anything on them, there is another way to get them for free.

Find Arena

If you open your card, you will see all the available regions and the region in which you are now. Then Yellow diamonds On the map Specify the location arena to which you can join . Arena are the only alternative way to collect fighters in the game.

As soon as you find the arena using the map or following the marker, you can initiate it rising to the attached podium. Only The first player for deploying Wave receives award at the end of the arena. If several people participate, make sure you joined the first; Otherwise, you may need to reboot.

See your award

As soon as you have completed the arena destroying all the enemies and defeating the boss, you will see a short roller of your epic battle. Then it the remuneration wheel will appear on the screen and determine which fighter or the ability will be added to your collection.

As you move further into the regions and fight with larger and sophisticated bosses, you should see how potential rewarded fighters become stronger and visually become coolest.

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