When will the folding phone will be … “Display costs fall”

Folder Phone is expected to enter a full-fledged market blooming step by opening 10 million times this year. However, prior to folder-phone popularization, it is still a mountain that is still more expensive than a regular bar smartph1. To reduce folderable phone production costs, it is the industry in the art that the price competitiveness of the folder display is urgent.

Folder Phone Followed by two times this year… Samsung Electronics 1st place

Folded Phone, a folded smartphone, has grown steep after Samsung Electronics launched the Galaxy Z series for the first time in the second half of 2019. In recent years, the folder phone model lineup has become more diverse, including Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppon, TCL, etc. Global Tech Enterprise Google and Apple are also planning to join the folder phone market.

According to the Market Research Agency Display Supply Chain Consultant (DSCC), the Folder Ballphone shipments increased by 254% from 2020 to 798 units. This year’s folder phone is expected to increase twice a year, and about 136 million shipments are expected to be shipments. In 2025, which Apple is expected to advance to the folder phone market, more than 50 million folderable phones are sold and are expected to become mainstream of the market.

In the current folder phone market, Samsung Electronics is a unique 1. Last year, Samsung Electronics Folder Ballphone shipments increased by 254% from the previous year, and accounted for 88% of the entire market. DSCC predicts that Samsung Electronics Folder Ballphone shipments will exceed 1.4 million. Market Research Agencies Counter points also looked at Samsung Electronics’ folder phone shipments of Samsung Electronics to 150 million this year.

The annual sales volume is the annual sales level that the Galaxy notes remains after the release of 2011. Given this, this year’s folder phone is observed to be sure to set the Galaxy Note as a representative model of Samsung Electronics, which replaces Galaxy notes.

** Folder Phone, Consumed ‘Reasonable Price’

Hands-on with TCL’s foldable and rollable phone concepts

Last year, Samsung Electronics Galaxy Z3 series has recorded 200 million global sales in 3 weeks. This is a remarkable growth compared to 200 million units, which is a sales volume, which is a sales volume, which is a SALEBLE BOK phone 1, 2nd generation, which was released in 2019 and 2020.

The Galaxy Z3 series is a major person that secured competitiveness through low-performance improvements as well as performance improvements. All folds and flips are analyzes that the prices of the previous work were 20% and the points that are lowered and other than 20% increase in consumer purchase rates. The Galaxy Z3 folders were released in 199,000 won and Galaxy Z3 flip to 125,000 won.

However, such a price is still located in a premium smartphone at the top price range. According to counters, the average sales price (ASP) of the global smartphone (ASP) is $ 300 and $ 350, and the product of $ 600 to $ 1000 is about 80% in the premium smartphone market. Folderable phone prices are priced at the top 4%. Not only the Galaxy Z series, as well as the Xiaomi Mix Fold (about 1.7 million won), the Huawei P5 pocket (about 1.7 million won), and Opo Pine N (about 1.45 million won), and is also released as a rather than a regular flagship smartphone.

Folder Folder Phone Part 40% of display

In order to lower the sale price of a folderable phone, the part source (BOM) should be reduced. Among them, it is a key to securing the price competitiveness of the display panel.

The Galaxy Z3 fold reaches 42% ($ 259) on the display part ($ 683.3) at the total part ($ 683.3). This is a high level of monthly than other parts. The display panel in Galaxy Z3 Fold is the application processor (AP) of $ 85 (13.8%), and a metal case (8.3%), and a part of the package.

If the folder display price will be cut, the panel supply must first increase. Samsung Folder Ball Panel’s panel production capacity is upgraded, and it should be improved to improve the yield.

According to Market Research Agencies, Samsung Display Market is overwhelmed by 93% in the foldable OLED panel shipment last year. China BOE, CSOT, also produced foldable OLEDs, but it is still undervalued because it has not yet been in charge of technology and the yield is not stabilized. In the folder phone market, Samsung Display’s dependence on the Samsung Display can be high.

In the industry, since this year, Samsung Display’s foldable OLED panel prices are expected to stabilize earnest, and the declines will be growing in the next year.

Omodia is currently estimated at about 25% of the proportion of depreciation expenses on the manufacturer of 6.1 inch foldable OLED panels of Samsung Display. Samsung Display Folder OLED Panel Production Line is A3. A total of the 9 production lines of A3, the terminated line of depreciation is expected to be more than two levels as of the fourth quarter, and the panel prices will be more lowered, as in the fourth quarter of last year.

On the other hand, LG Display is also developing a foldable panel, and it is expected that the supply volume will increase if you join the market in the future. The Folder Panel of the LG Display is expected to be possible since next year.

The counterpoint is “a folder phone that is released this year), the North type is less than $ 1,2350 (1450,000 ~ W16.3mn), and the clam shell type is 720 to $ 850 (870,000 ~ 1030,000 won). I could appeal to it. “

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