STEAM high rating deck construction game “Vault of the void” Japanese support. Also complicated game systems can be understood in Japanese

Game Studio Spider Nest Games performed “ Vault of the void ” on March 4 and responded to Japanese display in the game. A new implementation of six languages ​​has been promoted, and beta tests were also conducted the other day. And today, it was officially adapted to those languages. The corresponding language is Japanese-Chinese (China), Italian, Spanish, French, German.

“Vault of the void” is a deck construction type rogue light game. Early access is delivered at STeam from November 2020. In this work, players will do various combat. In the battle, each turn is given an energy and consumes them and uses the cards that exist on the deck. If you scrap the enemy’s HP, you will win and move to the next battle. The basic system is similar to the gold tower “Slay the Spire” of this genre, but various proprietary elements are incorporated. For example, for energy, it is basic to throw away and save the card, or the defense card is to be used for the next turn, or the card is taken over to the next turn. A unique system stands out.

There are also many elements involved in the game, and many of those elements are visualized. Various elements are intertwined and the movement is always visible. “Reduce random elements and get controls as possible as possible to the player’s hand from the concept of this work to know what kind of work. On the other hand, many players must understand as the game itself is complicated. Reading their text in English was a bit high. However, it is said that this is a polite and beautiful font Japanese, and it can be ready to read the game description.

Japanese in this work is the case that the localization of volunteers could be taken. The translation, ???????????????????????????? Mr. and AgeBdeR Mr., shinya said, and smoke round Mr. responsible as responsible. While the number of words is also large, steady localization was advanced and it seems to have reached a formal release. The complexity of the game system is also compact, but the difficulty of translation is high, but as long as you played, it is an impression that localization is applied with emphasis on understanding. Japanese feedback including typical errors, etc. seems to be accepted by the DISCORD channel of the same work.

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“Vault of the void” is currently delivering early access with STeam. 800 reviews have been added and the status is “overwhelmingly popular”. In the future, content will be added and adjusted, so it will be good to buy a game on the machine.

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