Battlefield 2042 will receive important changes in your maps

_ BATTLEFIELD 2042 _Celytely had one of the worst releases of the franchise. Since his debut a few months ago, the fans have been very vocal in terms of the kind of changes they would like to see in this new multiplatter shooter. The good news is that your developers have been paying attention, and they already announced that they will be making adjustments to some of the larger maps of the game.

Through the official site of EA , a new publication details that the design of maps in accordance with the feedback of the community will be improving.

“Although the largest maps offer greater freedom and space where playing, a secondary effect is that the gameplay is much more distributed now, resulting in less time within the objectives.”

EA is aware that some users call Battlefield 2042 a “walking simulator”, and to remedy it, will be changing the points of spawn so that they have a greater distribution along the maps and be it Much easier to reach any objective.

Battlefield 2042 finally gets an update...
Another quite common complaint is that _ Battlefield 2042 _ can become quite chaotic in certain game modes, such as Breakthrough. With 128 players, sometimes you get too overwhelming, so It says is considering reducing the number of players or the number of vehicles available in this mode.

says ensures to be aware of the most common complaints by the community, and only ask them to be patient since this type of changes require a certain time to try and implement, but they promise that they are already doing everything possible to improve Battlefield 2042.

Editor’s note: Things have definitely not gone well for Battlefield 2042 or its developers. The game did not end up meeting expectations, although the reality is that it is not as bad as the Internet says. It has many areas of improvement, and hopefully with time it says yes do something about it.

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