What makes pictures in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is a large-scale game with many secrets and puzzles. One of these secrets lies in the pictures that can be found on the big open world map Elden Ring. The easiest way to understand the purpose of these paintings is to present them as a garbage hunt.

Looking at the place shown in the pictures and on the description of the item, players must specify the direction of the area on the Elden Ring map. What makes it a little more complicated, so this is what the reward for the decision of the painting riddles is not necessarily in the depicted place, but rather in the place from which the picture itself was drawn.

Where to find pictures?

ELDEN RING PHOTOMODE. How to take pictures in Elden Ring (PC). Beautiful landscapes in Elden Ring

There are not so many rhymes or reasons where you can find pictures. They can be found in the buildings from the main roads, such as huts and buildings, or inside the main attractions, such as Stormweight Castle.

Pictures are just one of the types of little-known puzzles with whom the players will face Elden Ring. The award for the decision of the puzzle with the picture is usually worth their efforts, and it may be interesting to track down its location, following the prompts.

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