Destiny 2 Operation ELBRUS: how to get psychogenic information

Gain Psychogenic Intel To Learn About Lucent Hive Not Working Operation Elbrus Step 11 Destiny 2
Psychogenic data is a new seasonal currency that you find in Destiny 2: Season of the Risen. To get this currency, all you need to do is successful Complete the matches Strikes, Gambit and Crucible. If you are lucky, you will get some psychogenic information in Destiny 2, defeating enemies around the world.

However, you can hold only 20 psycho-intelligence at any given time. To start earning more Psychogenic Intel, you will need to spend them first. Psychogenic intelligence can be used for decryption Runic chests on the battlefield fields of Psi-detachments . These runic chests give inserted dark energy . This can be used for Focus Shadow Engrams In Helm Opening of the Runic Chest in the seasonal activity of the Psi-detachment costs about 500 Psycho-data .

If you have any problems with getting psychogenic data in Destiny 2, you can equip some tusked allegiance set. This set of armor has “Officer in the form” Nading for it. This Perk for a short time increases the number of psychogenic data that you get from the action in the playlist.

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