Bungie unequivocally knocked him out of the park with a gun brought in Queen Witch Expansion and Resurrection season in Fate 2 . Although in general they are all very good, some like it Fortissimo-11 rifle really stand out. Creating weapons, players can make excellent weapons even better with the help of special perks.

Rollers of God PVE

  • The arrow brake – significantly controls the return and increases the processing speed
    * Storm store * – significantly increases stability and increases rapidity
  • The demolution – murders from this weapon generate grenades energy. The activation of the ability of garnet recharges this weapon from the reserve.
  • VERPES Weapon – increased damage against bosses, vehicles and guards with their super active
    • Adjusting an avant-garde ** – the last blows of these weapons give a small amount of health

Rollers of God PVP

  • small-barrel – increases range and stability
  • Neat cartridges – Increases range
  • Eternal motion – this weapon gets additional stability, handling and recharge rate, while the owner is in motion.

Destiny 2: The Ultimate WEAPON CRAFTING GUIDE! - Witch Queen DLC
* Primary shot – Improved accuracy and range of first shot attack
* Sure Synergy – Recharge gives this weapon bonus in circulation and for a short time reduces the likelihood of shudding.

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