Where did the “Elden Ring” players? Ten people who looked at the domestic discipline questionnaire

There is still no time from the release, and many players get out “ Elden Ring “. In this work with lots of difficulties, it is interesting point where the players are “clogged”. In this paper, we introduce the trend of “clog point” in this work and voices that show a wide variety of measures from the answer of the reader questionnaire conducted by the magazine. Note that there is an element that can be a spoiler, such as the nature of the article, This article can be a spoiler, such as the boss name after the early stage.

“Elden Ring” is the action RPG to give by the From Software. This work is also the difficulty level adjustment that is the premise of a trial and error on dungeons and boss enemies, as well as conventional works such as “Dark Soul” series. On the other hand, by moving the stage to an open field, the search range from the early stage is expanded. Item collection, and a ruler earning needed for raising levels, such as searching for a wealth of locations. In addition, elements that aid in battle are also implemented, such as the spirit summoning NPC. It tends to be easier to work on strong enemies and difficulties than conventional works by strengthening the character and tactics. On the other hand, some people may be interested in where other players are packed. It is one of the authors.

So this time, the magazine has been a questionnaire with the experience that struggled with “Elden ring” for readers and how to deal with it. The target is the player who was currently clogged in “Elden Ring” or the player who was clogged somewhere. The content is “Whether there is a specific part of packing”, “I use capture sites, videos, and cooperative play, or do your best with yourself” “What is the factor that has helped with the cheat”. The questionnaire has received 120 answers. I would like to thank you for the readers who cooperated.

What happened to your clogged boss?

From here, we will introduce the results of the questionnaire in order. As for “stuffed specific points”, it was an element that it is an element that nails the user, such as bosses, dunges, or item collection, and it was acceptable.

As far as various names and area names were packed, there was an overwhelming boss that occupies 25% of the entire response. In the early stages, it is a “, Margit”. Margit is a story boss that first encounters when promoting the guidance of the game. It has been a strong reputation in the players. After all the presence seems to protrude even with a questionnaire. However, Malgit is unexpectedly less defeat than conventional work’s initial boss (related articles). If you do your best, it is surprisingly something that will be manageable. I would like to send cheering for those who are currently working on those who are currently working.

Next, it was the “Knight of the crucible” that gave 13 votes that gained the second place of clogging point as a boss. However, this may also have a large number of times. For the other hand, the boss appears in two places. Although it is a refreshing situation that describes the situation, it manipulates the large sword in vertical and horizontal and horizontally, and the blow is also an important enemy. Subsequently, one of the demiquots “Godoric” in 10 votes ranked 3rd place. It is an important person, and it is an early mountains that show impressive cut scenes. However, the name of “Dark Souls III” is confused with “Loslick” or the name is mistaken for “Rodric”, and it is unfortunate and focused to two people. Malgit impact and hurdle may be too high.

Besides, nine votes are also cast to “tree guard” encountered immediately after starting the game and appeared in the field. About the boss, it was over 8 hours, and thanks to the “Tree Guard master” as if it was promoted smoothly. He has been in the limelight as a boss that comes to the new fader. It was a lot of other things in the main trailer, and “Radan of the star crushing”, who showed the appearance with the Australian Festival announcement with the Radan Festival! Overall, the boss that meets in a rim grave is noticeable. There are many people who are still relatively enjoying the original volume, and it seems that there are many people who have enjoyed the early stages.

# Legacy dungeon’s hand strength and lost child due to freedom

And, the most votes as a strong area are the first legacy dungeon “Stormville Castle”. As a strong enemy, a knight arranged at various places is mentioned. In addition, in the area, birds with a sword attached to the foot are placed everywhere, and sometimes thrown bombs. This is also quite strong enemy, and it is so far the “fucking Bird” is given on SNS. The threat of battle birds may also have a lot of Stormville Castle.

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And it is “lost child” that most frequent reasons for struggling except bosses and areas. Leading players to the main destination in this work is a conversation between light and NPC that extends from blessings, which is a checkpoint. However, there is no quest marker that clearly points to the destination, often found in the open world work. In other words, the player must remember yourself and explore the way. Therefore, there are many people who lose their destinations. Some people have had a voice that the boss of a completely different area has been defeated, as a result of “Malgit to meet Malgit.” Even if you make a mistake, there may be an experience like “Elden ring” where something there is.

# Do you go to the stoic or use any means

Subsequently, we will introduce questions about the question about “capture site, capture videos, cooperative play use”. Here, I asked if the person who is currently stuck was actually used for those who have not been stuck. As a result, 67 respondents who are more than half of the whole answer 120 are said to be “solving with their own power”. “Elden Ring” will be not to fire the player’s fighting.

And users who use capture sites and videos are 25 people and users who use online cooperative play have 10 people and both users who use them eight results. At the same time, 43 users got out of the results that they used some kind of help. The way of capture is each person, and online cooperative play is one of the attractive elements of this work. Although it is difficult to discard the achievement that overcome the difficult place to loneliness, it will be one of the ways to do every hand and aim to be ahead. As other cases, there were voices such as “listening to communities and friends” “SNS and collecting information and information gathering”. In addition, there seems to be a user who has a condition that uses the cheat resource to use your own capture resources, such as “when it gets lost” and “after the capture has been done.”

The most help the way to the king of Elde

Finally, it is a question of “the factor who has the help of the cheats”. A variety of answers were received here. But in that case there was a trend, and a particularly many answered answer was “Corate Body Summon”. Here is a view near 30 people, and there were many voices that gain usefulness in the dexterity as “it is better to be able to attack the boss target and attack from behind.” As a unique spirit body, references to “Hagurei” and “spirit jellyfish” were scattered. The new elements from this work seem to be firmly helped with players.

Subsequently, opinions that have been almost the same rate are “strengthening weapons” and “strengthening status by raising level”. The increase in massive attack power by strengthening the forging and the increase in viability due to the increase of levels, etc. is both wheels of strengthening character in this work and convincing. The answer next to the next is “improvement of players skills”. In some cases, there seems to be a stoic fading person who will study and study action. There is also a voice that has found the utility of new actions of this work such as guard counters and jumps. An ideas that attempts to observe bosses / research and skills, and attempt a variety of actions, as well as important elements of this capture.

Besides, there was also an opinion that it can be explored and made strongly because of the open field element of this work. In addition to the items picked up in the way, and the runes accumulated during the search, we are also essential to enhance the aforementioned weapons. A distrust of the district is also tightly connected to the capture. Besides, there are also voices that the Holy Grow Bottle, which is directly linked to physical strength recovery, and other player messages helpful. And there are also many users who have the importance of the player’s own mental and rest such as “luck”, “rooting”, “sleeping” and “sleep”. After all, it is health and spirit that can be relied upon.

** Ladies are all right in Japan, and later

The same questionnaire is also used by overseas bulletin boards Resetera. Overseas users seem to share the “wallpit during play”. Even though it is still a Malgit that the mention is noticeable. His presence seems to be not available in Japan and abroad. Besides, a strong enemy’s name is found in Japan and abroad, such as Godrick and Radan. The same tendency to focus on the early stage. In addition, there seems to be a user who can live on the scale of this work, such as “the area is too large” and “where to go”. Then, more than one user is throwing a misalignment of “missing play time.” This sadness can also sympathize many domestic users? I am also called.

Where do other players are full? This questionnaire that started from the question of the authors and the Automaton editorial department. From the results, it turned out that users are unusual elements and new elements that they have used their thoughts. In addition, many content that sympathomatic was observed involuntarily. It seems that the common experience is nurtured for domestic and foreign players through “Elden Ring”. Thank you again for everyone who cooperated with the reader questionnaire. This result is concentrated on the early elements, but at the time when the cleared player has increased, it may be interesting to look back on the game and make an opinion that the most enemy / area was most strong.

“Elden Ring” is on sale for PC (STeam) and PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S.

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