Lily Visual Novels Announced for a 2022 release for a “Summer Summer of Love” PC. Three high school girl stories with summer and youth theme

Domestic game production team Lycoris announced on February 28, “ Love summer “. The compatible platform is a PC and will be released within 2022. Tizer sites and teaser movies are also released in line with the announcement.

“Summer of love starting with a lie” is a youth lily visual novel game in which Lycoris is produced. The stage of this work is summer. The main character Tachibana is a high school second grade girl. Tachibana, she liked her homeroom teacher at the time of junior high school, and she could not give up after she hits. However, her high school second summer her encounter, her heart change. A fresh story by three high school girls is drawn on the theme of summer and youth and lily.

This work is a visual novel. Although the details have not been revealed, a girl called the main character and a girl called a trilari who appeared in the teaser movie, and the story including these two people will be drawn by text and standing picture and CG. Also, according to the press release, this work is planning to support full voices. In the range that is currently released, Mr. Koichi Koichi, a voice actor, is in charge of the voice of Tachibana Tachibana. Mr. Koichi Koichi, has been a voice of “Monster Hunter: World” receptionist and “Idol Master Cinderella Girls”.

Lycoris, which produces this work, is a game production team by the Illustrator’s salt and the scenario writer Akeo (Akeo). Activities as Circle “Aiueo Company” (AIUEOKOMPANY) until May 2019. As a past work, aquarium horror ADV “Shizuku no Yo-Fall Into Poison-” and Suspense Visual Novel “Fatal Twelve”, acupuncture, school super capabilities Battle Nobel “Progress” series, etc. In the “Fatal Twelve” STeam version, the status “overwhelming popular” is acquired by more than 95% of the more than 570 user reviews. From the player, it seems that the evaluation is collected by the human drama and the easy-to-read text, the fun of the story, and the fun of the story. “Fatal Twelve” has also been released a PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch version.

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In addition, in this work “Love summer”, the scenario is not changed as the past work, and most illustrations are in charge of salt and koji (pixivfanbox). About this work The press release is explained as “summer, youth, and all the people who contain all the emotions”, and it is different from past work and genre, but it is likely to be expected to work quality.

“Summer of love starting with a lie” is scheduled to be released 2022 for PC. From Sekai Project, it is planned to be expected to overseas. Also, cloud fundling of this work is also scheduled to be implemented.

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