PS5 nightmare: Terrible video leaves PlayStation

The PlayStation 5 continues to rare and remains an unfulfilled dream for many gamers. All the more there is a video in which someone will want to destroy his PS5 – but that’s exactly what this sight must be hard-minded fans on Youtube.

Brand new PS5 lands in the Shredder

Of course, players could use the PlayStation 5 to gamble the latest games of the generation, but the owner of the Youtube channel Captain Crunch experiment has found a other benefit for the console. This is likely to bring many console players to white gut , it is still pretty difficult to get a copy.

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In the video, the Youtuber throws its PS5 console to a shredder for breath and spread the statement: “Dear plays outside!”

But the reason for the destruction is not about the anger about Sony, how to meet it from past destruction videos, but it is simply a experiment . The experiment of destruction. But see yourself how the PS5 is in the shredder:

To warm up, first packaging materials and various operating instructions are thrown into the sloping of the painting shredder. Then a painful sight follows: The dualSense controller hops for a few times almost fleeing on the teeth of the shredder until they finally wick him and turn it into a steaming pile of scrap .

Finally, the heart of the video follows: The PS5. Just stupid that the huge size of the console make to make the monster, she just does not want to fit. Some times the shredder makes Schlapp and first surrender to the tough console. After several starts and a little help, the shredder devours the console to the last piece.

Three new PS5 as a consolation price

There is a bright spot after the sight of this painful event. The video had then generated so many clicks that the video manufacturer could buy three more PS5 consoles. He has donated to own information, donated to orphanages. (Source: YouTube / Crunchy Crushing Haertestest Channel)

_Mittlerweile There are a number of strange gadgets for the PS5. Whether they land in the shredder sometime in favor of a Youtube video? _

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The experiment has succeeded in the Youtuber with the shredding of the PS5. At least when it comes to bringing enough players to the palm.

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