Elex 2 in the test: A new game and nothing has changed!

The role-playing games of Piranha bytes are like schnitzel with fries. If you have not eaten for a long time, you can not imagine anything more beautiful, and during the first bite it is also the hottest food in the world. But you notice from half that it’s just “only” a schnitzel, as you have eaten many times before.

Suddenly it falls on that it is pretty dry, tough and maybe a little. It was as similar to us after many hours in our test to Elex 2. Piranha Bytes serves players again the classic court, which is used by the studio for over 20 years and remains true to his formula. We talked extensively through the role-playing game, beaten and caught and clarify why the good old Ruhrpottschnitzel a.k.a. While roasted meat still tastes, but the chef is not very clear to the chef.

Invasion of the purple mood aliens

The world of Magalan regularly dances Tango at the volcanic rater. After a meteorite shot the civilization back to the Middle Ages, he also brought the eponymous elex fabric. The releases enormous forces when taking, but also makes an ice block of emotional cold. The surviving people remained true to their nature and founded fractions so they can beat each other’s stuff from the body.

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Table of contents

  1. Page 1Ex 2 in the test – Introduction and Story
    1. 1.1invasion of the purple mood aliens
    2. 1.2 election to the group chairman
    3. 1.3iron Man the PostaPokalypse
  2. Page 2ELEX 2 in the test – from a large atmosphere to disappointment
    1. 2.1 warehouse collector
    2. 2.2 fantastic atmosphere…
    3. 2.3… which remains on the track
      3rd page 3elex 2 in the test – moderate combat system, great character development – and technology…
    4. 3.1 fight or spasm?

ELEX 2 Review
2. 3.2an the tasks grow
3. 3.3Tote faces and bad performance
4. 3.4FAZIT
4. Page 4 picture gallery for “Elex 2 in the test: Damn, why does nothing evolve…

  1. Open

Jax gets the arrival of extraterrestrial close up, because you infect it promptly with a plague. She knocks him out for several days, because how that belongs, she starts with a weakened hero who has to work up. The disease also reports regularly in the course of the game. Much more than a headache and a few blackouts can not be felt.

Election for the group chairman

With the help of the old scientist Adam he founds a new guild in an old bastion directly. Although it is constantly talking about how dampening the old ruin is, you can not make great changes. Although you also start a master builder, but it changes at most the interior of your own hut. For this you populate the old walls in the course of the game with more and more soldiers and your personal companions.

As in its predecessor, your NPCs make you connect. With one of them, you can then go back together. From time to time, you mermine in dialogs or sign up with small quests that drive the additional action. If you are particularly charming, you can even agree with one of three female companions. If you like the ax in the forest, you say goodbye to your companions again.

More than a central collection point in the game world is the own headquarters in the end is not. For the so-called “sixth power” already raised to the game start, here would definitely have been more in it.

Iron Man the PostAapokalypse

As in earlier games of the studio, exploration is one of the big highlights. There is something to discover on every corner of the game world. This goes from simple loot to pick up about notes and audiologs with small stories to mighty weapons and fuel for the jetpack.

The nozzle drive is also an elementary component of the movement in Elex 2 and has even been greatly expanded. So you can after appropriate upgrade like Iron Man by the area nozzles. With the mentioned fuel, you will gradually expand your freedom of movement. A great trick, which in turn ensures more motivation when exploring.

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Page 1 ELEX 2 in the test – Introduction and Story

Page 2 Elex 2 in the test – from a large atmosphere to disappointment

Page 3 Elex 2 in the test – moderate combat system, great character development – and technology…

Page 4 picture gallery for ELEX 2 in the test: Damn, why does nothing be developed?

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