Single Cable Wired Connection Method, PS VR2 Outline

The device appearance of the Ps VR2 (hereinafter referred to as PS VR2), which is the headset of Sony’s VR, which was released on January 5, was released on January 5. A controller and a head mount display (HMD) is characterized by a point designed in the form, and is connected to the main unit with a wired cable.

The overall design reminds us of the curved design of the PS5 main body. In fact, the Sony explained that the PS VR2 HMD design has reflected the appearance of the PS5 family, and it was said that he reflected the ergonomic streamlined design that considers the device characteristics of the person in direct contact with the human skull.

PlayStation VR: From Set-Up to Play | Part 2 - Getting Connected

Functionally, it has enhanced the ventilation function so that it does not cause the lens to be written to the lens for long periods of play, and the functions shown on the transfer device, such as a regulatory function capable of controlling the distance between the lens and the eye, and the function shown on the transfer device, such as a stereo headphone jack, is maintained. Here is a new feature that adds new features such as the lens distance control dial to be available, and it is a Sony description that weighs a little lighter, despite the addition of these features.

It is a wired connection to the most common topic among VR gamers. The wired connection itself through a single code was predicted to some extent, but this is the first time it was disclosed in the actual image. Oculus Quest 2 or HTC VIVE Pro / Cosmos, which is classified as Dongseae University VR HMD, is a little surprisingly compared to that support the wireless adapter by supporting the wireless adapter by supporting the application of the player’s operating freedom. Wireless HMD is the intent to which the wired module selected in the middle of the credit, but it is unknown exactly, but it is likely to point the advantage in the price competitiveness sector.

Meanwhile, PS VR2 mounts 4K HDR resolution and state-of-the-art graphics rendering, inside-out camera tracking, headset feedback, and the like.

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