Elden ring best start gifts and souvenirs

Elden Ring is just like all other fromSoftware games: cryptic, dull and full of fear. In a second, you’ll take care of your own affairs, while you are crushed on a horse in the next one of a big old warrior. What a nightmare. But it does not have to be. At the beginning of the game you can choose the best start gifts and souvenirs to make things easier.

If you create your character for the first time at the beginning of the game, you can choose start gifts and keepsake. These items give you an advantage over the already hard world of The Lands Between and help you defeat the beginning enemies and Elden Ring bosses in Limgrave.

If you are looking for a search Elden Ring the best start gifts and souvenirs guide, then you are exactly right with us. All of them were on the disclosed Fextralife Wiki and we think it’s pretty obvious what are the best.

Elden Ring Best start gifts and souvenirs

The best start gifts and souvenirs in Elden Ring are the Purple Amber Medallion and The Golden Seed .

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The Crimson Amber Medallion is an Equipable Talisman, which increases the maximum health of your character. This is crucial at the beginning of Elden Ring, because more health means more survival. Choose the Crimson Amber Medallion if you need help in fighting so you can take it with opponents who know that they have extra health to support them.

The golden seed is a very powerful starting object and is generally considered the best keepsake for the start. It can be used in a place of grace to increase the number of vial loads that you need to restore HP and FP. This is the starting point for you if you value the long game and do not expect it to fight in certain struggles.

This was it with our suggestions on the best start gifts and souvenirs in Elden Ring, but you can view a list of all Elden Ring gifts and souvenirs to see what else you can choose. Or look at our guides for the best Elden Ring class and a list of all ELDEN ring classes to see if you can assemble the perfect combination of start gift and class.

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