FC Bayern: Hoeneß and Kahn violate masks

With their very free design of the Munich Allianz Arena still applicable mask duty, Uli Hoeneß and Oliver Kahn have taken care of the home game of Bayern against Greuther Fürth on Sunday.

Finally, the audience and thus at least part of the atmosphere return from the times before the Coronavirus pandemic into the Bundesliga stages.

Hoeneß und

25,000 fans pursued the 4-1 victory of FC Bayern in the domestic Allianz Arena against SpVGG Greuther Fürth on Sunday.

For them, however, strict rules were considered, both when access and during the game.

Strict Corona rules at FC Bayern vs. Greuther Fürth

In order to come to Fürth in the Munich stadium, people after further relaxation by the Bavarian state government had to prove the 2G status (vaccinated or geneses).

In addition, in the entire arena, wearing a FFP2 mask was mandatory, also at the seat.

But apparently not for everyone: During the vast part of the vast part of the present bosse of Bayern of his role model function for the fans, and held himself to the mask obligation, Honorary President Uli Hoeneß and board leader Oliver Kahn was over long stretches of the second half without See oral and nasal protection on the VIP tribune. Kahn, for example, had his mask decoratively dangle on the wrist.

“I forgot after halftime to rebuild my mask. When my secondary man, our marketing board Andreas Jung has pointed out after a short time, I took them immediately,” Hoeneß said to the “picture”.

FC Bayern makes request unanswered

Especially spicy: The long-standing president and manager as well as the former goalkeeping titan also ignored an announcement of stadium spokesman Stephan Lehmann, who pointed the viewers to the mask’s obligation, as well as multiple blinds on the video screens.

FC Bayern wanted to comment on “Image” request not for a small, but well-public Corona missing of Hoeneß and Kahn.

If the FFP2 rule still applies to the next home game against Bayer Leverkusen on March 5, many eyes will be focused on the two.

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