It’s a new weekend and our cosplay fans know what it means! This weekend, we set featured the incredibly talented Shellanin Cosplay. The Atlantic Georgian cosplayer has been making cosplay for many years and has stopped showing his love for the craft of cosplay and anime among his friends and many fans. As she found that black cosplayers were massively underrepresented, she took the initiative to show us our favorite characters and rethink them for them to look like itself. Scroll to discover some of our favorite cosplays!

Yusuke Urameshi – Yu Yu Hakusho

Katara – Avatar: the last master of the air

Isabelle – Animal Crossing

Chifuyu Matsuno – Tokyo Avengers

Want to discover even more impressive cosplays?

Take a look at the incredible work of the beautiful Katuska Moononox or the beautiful caytie cosplay. And of course, we can not forget the best cosplays on Tik Tok to have fun.

ALL ANIMAL CROSSING VILLAGERS - Looking at Character Design
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