Dragon Age 4 lets fans wait a long time

Roleplay fans have to be patient for a while. According to an insider, Dragon Age 4 will no longer appear this year and even the year 2023 seems to be on the cant.

Dragon Age 4: When does the role play appear?

The expectation pressure is huge! Can Dragon Age 4 can save the battered reputation of developer bioware? The release of Dragon Age: Inquisition, the third part of the series, is now eight years back and since then Bioware has fallen deep.

Mass Effect: Andromeda almost missed the popular Sci-Fi series the death rush and the multiplayer action RPG Anthem will probably take one of the greatest disappointments in the video game history. Dragon Age 4 could reconcile role-play fans again with the studio , assuming the game seems to appear sometime.

Because you believe industry insider Jeff Grubb lies the release of Dragon Age 4 at least 18 months in the future. This concretely meant that the game will appear at the earliest at the end of 2023, maybe only 2024. According to Grubb fans do not have to worry. Dragon Age 4 is probably in good condition (Source: Gamespot).

Dear Bioware Please Fix Anthem before moving onto Dragon Age 4

A development full of problems

Dragon Age 4 has been in development since 2015 and has since been a hand-tight problem child by Publisher EA. According to the problems with Mass Effect: Andromeda and the debacle around Anthem, the alignment of the game was changed again and again. Several developers left Bioware over time and the creative leadership was repeatedly occupied again and again.

Finally, the development of Dragon Age 4 was even completely restarted and there was promo material for the first time in 2018. Then it was quiet again around the game before 2020 a new teaser has been released. Since then, two years have passed again and In the meantime, the responsible Creative Director, Matthew Goldman, has thrown the towel . So it remains to be seen when to see the next time something of Dragon Age 4 and whoever leaves the studio next.

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