Beat Souls, what does it give on SWITCH?

\ – Developed by: Zoo Games
\ – Date of release Initial: 29/07/2021

– Release date: 16/02/2022
** – Type of play: Music, Arcade
– Languages: Japanese, Chinese and English
– Number of players: 1
\ – Average price recognized: 13.49 $ CA
– Publisher: EastasiaSoft

Mikoto is the star of this show. It is a legendary Maiden shrine with impeccable dance movements that it uses to communicate with the mysterious rhythm yokai. The constant agitation of big cities pushed the rhythm yokai from all over a frenzy. It’s mikoto to dance through their noise and soothe their agitated minds! “This is where I intervene! My splendid dance will disappear all the stress of Yokai! “

The levels are varied and can pass from the most slow rhythmic which can destabilize more than one player.

Beat Souls - 30 Minute Play [Switch]

Côté Graphics, the game is nice and high in color. On the music side is ok but no more.

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