Twitch: Pokimane annoyed Hatter with unattained image, harvesting even more hatred

The Twitch Streamer IMANE “Pokimane” “Anys are hate comments and” Hater “is not foreign. For example, in the past month, she suffered under Hate Raids , where countless malignant messages were written in their chat, Also very popular Streamer Ninja even supported the hate raids against Pokimane, which turns out to a real drama with threats of legal consequences.

Twitch Streamer Pokimane gives their wealth

The trigger of these Hate Raids was the Influencer Jidion, but as it looks, the two internet personalities are well suited to each other despite the situation. In a Collab event, Jidion Pokimane challenged a well-known image of her on which she is watching without make-up to use to wipe one hatering one:

_ “You just tweet this picture of you. Just say: ‘This face deserves more money as you will ever see in your life.’_”

Shortly after the publication of the videos of Jidion, the streamer actually shared the mentioned picture plus comment. Especially other streamer enjoyed Pokimanes Post, but many fans looked different. For some people, there are unfairly with their wealth as a popular streamer.

Any explained in a subsequent live stream that critics just do not know the entire context behind her tweet:

_ “I hope you are sour on multi-million or billion-dollar conglomerates that make use of their workers compared to a random girl on the Internet, which has streamed for eight years and worked hard to earn their money, and also numerous people in, if I may say that, pretty healthy and livable money concerns. “_

_ “I understand why people get upset about others when they specify with their wealth, but are the same people angry when Youtuber present their brand new lambs?” _

Pokimane is visibly proud of their achievements as a streamer, and other streaming stars such as Valkyrae hurried very quickly to Pokiman’s defense. For the streamer itself, the reaction of the fans probably does not occur unexpectedly, after all, she recently explained that Hater “always find an excuse for insults” anyway. “

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