Deadpool would have been cast in the new Poster of Dr. Strange 2

Last weekend we had a second trailer of DR. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness , yourself that also revealed many and interesting details about this next film. In addition to the possible first look at the Iron Man of Tom Cruise , the community believes having discovered Deadpool in the poster that also accompanied the new trailer.

Deadpool and Captain Carter CONFIRMED Doctor Strange 2 Poster Breakdown Multiverse of Madness MCU
Minutes later that this new advancement will be released, Marvel also launched a new poster and it was here where, according to the fans, we can appreciate a brief look at Deadpool :

Of course, at this point it is still mere speculation but considering all the possible characters that could have this future feature film, the idea of ​​seeing Deadpool does not sound like something so crazy. In case of being true, surely the surprise will be saved for the final film, so you do not expect to see mercenario looping in some kind of official advance.

Editor’s note: If Spider-Man: No Way Home was just a proven than the Multiverse means within the MCU, then Multiverse of Madness will show us all the potential of this concept. I just hope that so many characters do not dilute the plot.

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