Apex Legends fans are not too satisfied with the new Luxury Skin Bloodhound

Last updated there is February 17, 2022

The new APEX LEGENDS birthday collection event has arrived. As always, it is accompanied by many fun challenges and new flashy skins that players can display on battlefields. However, there are new changes.

Before launching, Apex Legends thought that the reward of 150 inheritance fragments was returning after collecting all new skins. However, this time, they will get the Skin Apex Hunter Prestige Bloodhound after getting all the skins included in the event. Unfortunately, many players are not very happy.

They will have to open 24 new Anniversary Apex packs for a total of $ 160. This high price is not new for Apex Legends unconditional fans. However, they are not satisfied with the appearance of the skin and have to pay a price as high for that.

Heirloom cosmetics are usually personalized melee weapons that correspond to the personality of the legend. Prestigious skins would hardly be perceptible in the game even if they have the same legacy scarcity.

“What would you have done to make this Skin Valle $ 160? _”, Complained one of the fans of the franchise.

Apex Legends New Anniversary Event Heirloom Controversy

Apex Legends hopes that this new trend of prestige skins instead of melee weapons or heritage splinters will not continue. Some fans suggested to developers to ensure that the high price of the new Skin Bloodhound is worth it. They mentioned that developers can add special animations, or even vocal lines.

Some fans even observed that the new skin had a bug that can reset the damage counter. This bug prevented several legends apex players from changing it to the next cosmetic level. After all, that’s why prestige skins were mainly served – evolve towards new forms after players noted some challenges.

“We are aware of a bug with the Prestige Bloodhound Skin where the damage counter is reset in some cases”, Respawn Entertainment wrote. “_A hotfix is ​​in progress and we plan to deploy it at the beginning of next week.

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