“Apex Legends” 3rd Anniversary Bug in “Prestige Skin” – Cumulative Damage Reset Tear Progress

RESPAWN reports the bug in Basic Play Free Battle Royal FPS “ Apex Legends “. The damage counter may be reset under the Brad Hounded Skin “Prestige Skin”.

A total of three teasing teasers (versions) exist in the “Prestige skin”, which is the eyeball reward of the 3rd anniversary collection event. By clearing the specified challenge, “Tier 1” → “Tier 2” → “Tear 3” is unlocked, and design and special finisher are added.

The unlock condition of Tear 2 is “30,000 damage in the Brad Hound”, and the unlock condition of Tear 3 is “70,000 damage with Brad Hound after Tear 2 unlock”, but there is a problem here. It is said that the progress of the damaged counter may be reset.

Currently, it is under the fix, and the fix will be implemented at the beginning next week. According to Respawn’s Technical Games Designer Robothavgunz, it is difficult to restore the progress of reset damage counters. How do you compensate for several ways.

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