Lost ARK Add a new server region to help with login queues

If you are familiar with the video game. Ark lost, should not be surprised that it be immensely popular. So popular, in fact, that is already the second most played game in Steam in terms of simultaneous players. As it is common in extremely popular free-to-play video games, “Amazon Games and SMILEGATE has had problems with the load of players trying to enter, which has generated massive start-up queues in regions such as Central Europe. To alleviate this specific problem, _arca lost has announced that it will open a completely new server region for Europe.

“We are impressed by the number of players who have joined us at Lost Ark from our launch on Friday.” An announcement of during the weekend is read partly. «Arkesia is full of enthusiastic players, so we are working as quickly as possible to configure a completely new server region in Europe. Due to the architecture of the game, this is the only way to accommodate more players in Europe, so it is a joint effort between Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG. Be sure we are working 24/7 until it is available ».

While the announcement of a new region for Europe will surely be good news for many, it has an inconvenience. Because it is clearly a new region of Central Europe and not a new set of servers for the Central Europe region, several characteristics of the entire region, such as Royal Crystal and Silver balances, will not be transferred. This means that anyone looking to play in the new European region, when it is live, will abandon those things, as well as any element annotated as “by account” that has already been claimed. The announcement points out that the new region will be ideal for anyone who has just begun or that has not yet achieved significant progress.

Lost Ark Queue and Login Fix with Server Region Change
As noted above, arca lost is officially available to PC through Steam as a free video game. The new server region in Europe aforementioned is not yet active. You can check all our previous arca coverage right here.

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