All you need to know about the volt in apex legends season 6

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After waiting for all the season 5 for a new gun, APEX LEGENDS Players finally have something cool to hope, even if it’s not exactly again. Season 6 will add the Volt, a roundabout with energy and the first new SMG from APEX LEGENDS ‘launch.

Volt in Apex Legends

In titanfall 2, the name of the game for the volt was reliable. The barrel had a low decline, a perfect hip firing accuracy and could cause short and medium-range sustained damage. However, it was on the low end in terms of damage, and sommet already has a hyper-precise smg at low damage in the alternator. This means that we can not yet predict exactly if the volt will play in the same way as it did in titanfall when it makes the jump to _sommet. Add to that the trend of APEX LEGENDS Weapon to ship more than or sub-granted, and we can only remember our breath and hope that the volt will not break too much game.

One thing we know with almost complete certainty is that the volt will be a map spawn. With the L-star, ResPawn learned that APEX LEGENDS players do not appreciate the new tools if they only use them once all 10 games. We can expect another weapon of the current list to make room for the volt by becoming a large car (hope, a sniper rifle).

what the volt could mean for season 6

Everything You Need To Know About The Volt SMG (Apex Legends Season 6 New Gun!)

The arrival of this new old weapon for APEX LEGENDS could mean more than a few things for the game meta in season 6. To begin, adding a third energy weapon to the game could be a good reason to reintroduce the Extended Energy Mag attachment that has been vaulted in season 3. This would involve rebalancing the Havoc basic sizes and L-Star Mag, which could be a good opportunity to remove a little power from Havoc.

It would also be interesting to see if the volt arrives alongside new mechanics of weapons or hop-ups. The anti-shield damage has been a great thing for Respawn, or adding it to new weapons like the sentinel, or by adding it as an option, then quickly removing it from other as the alternator and the re- 45. If the Volt inflicts additional anti-shield damage, it would be enough to distinguish it from the alternator. The same is true if the rounded hop-up returns.

On a final score, the addition of a new SMG could mean that Respawn thinks of a short-range meta for the season 6 of APEX LEGENDS, in the same way as the Hop-up Anvil Receiver, the load rifle and the Sentinel have allowed the prevalent long range meta in recent seasons.

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