Troy Baker is removed from the NFT business

On January 14 it was revealed that Troy Baker, a player actor recognized for his participation in games like The last of us, announced that he had joined with VoiceVersenft , a company focused on implementing this controversial technology in the world of The voice actors. However, after two weeks of constant negativity, today it has been revealed that Baker has abandoned VoiceVersenft.

Through the official account of him on Twitter of him, Troy Baker no longer intends to participate next to VoiceVersenft. Although the reason behind this decision is not revealed, it has been mentioned that the actor was considering this decision during the last weeks . This was what he commented:

“Thank you all for the comments and patience of it. After a careful consideration, I have decided not to continue the association with VoiceVersenft. Leaving aside the intentions, I heard them and I apologize for accusing someone to ‘hate’ simply because I do not agree with me. “

For its part, VoiceVersenft also issued a statement where they speak about Baker’s decision:

“We have decided on mutual agreement to end our association with Troy Baker, and we will duplicate our resources and efforts to execute our Roadmap, promote our vision as the Voice of Web3.0 and strengthen our community, as well as the NFT Ecosystem. large”.

While there is no reason behind that decision, it is certain that the bad image that Troy Baker was generating in social networks is partly responsible for today’s announcement. Although many expect other companies to follow the way of the voice actor, this surely will not be the case.

Troy Baker Faces Mass Backlash For Supporting Shady AI Voice NFTs With Company That Has Stolen Work

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