Mislinat: “Discrepancy between reality and wishful thinking”

For five games, VfB Stuttgart has been waiting for a victory, even on its own goal. Rank 17 is the consequence. “The reasons for the table level are primarily – regardless of age – in the services we are currently pointing,” explained Mishintat on Sunday at “Sport 1” and reaffirmed the Stuttgart away, increasingly putting on young talents.

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The VFB knew from my own experience that it could also go wrong if you are on experience. “Especially we got to know at the last descent, that with eight former national players – ie a fast counterpart – has gone into the relegation and then lost them against Union Berlin,” said the 49-year-old.

The guys we have are good.

Sven mislint

However, it does not give it a way that will surely lead to success, emphasized Mishintat: “In my opinion, there is no panacea and no clear statement on whether youth or experience leads. The deciding is that the guys are the personality and quality can bring the place that puts in them. “

“The guys we have are good. They have just to cope with a crisis, which is not easy. It is a task to keep the class, said Mislinat, and at the same time spoke about opportunities that could arise from the crisis: “If we do it, and even if we fail, we will evolve in many topics – also in the topic leadership. Only in crises come the guys forward, which can lead automatically. You do not buy them. “

He also pointed to the “discrepancy between reality and wishful thinking”. It just give a difference between “the emotional, historically conditioned perception of this club, and what we are currently being able to make”. For Stuttgart, it is simply not possible to get players for 20 million euros. Basically, one is “economically consolidate the club”.

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