How to play Apex Legends on your Android mobile smartphone

APEX LEGENDS is one of the most popular royal battle titles in the world. It’s fun, fast and easy to handle, but hard to master. For these reasons, many ask Responden Entertainment when the game will be available to play on mobile. Rumors circulated APEX LEGENDS during development for mobile by a secondary developer, but we did very little about it. However, there is a way for Android users to play the royal battle on their mobile smartphone now.

Use GeForce Now to play Apex Legends on mobile

Nvidia recently launched its new streaming service, GeForce Now. Essentially, this application allows you to download your favorite titles and read them on any device that supports the service.

How To Play Apex Legends On Your Phone Android/iOS
For example, if you want to play something like The Wiccher III: Wild Hunt but all you currently have is a low-end PC, GeForce Now allows you to play even if you do not meet the requirements of the system. Nvidia does it by playing the priority streaming. Think about something like PlayStation Now as a comparison.

With regard to APEX LEGENDS, the same process is used. Available only for Android smartphones at the time of writing, simply download the NVIDIA GeForce Now application. If you do not have an account yet, you will have to create one.

Once done, go to the application and look for APEX LEGENDS. If you have already downloaded APEX LEGENDS on another device, it should already be in your library. However, if this is not the case, add it simply. After that, you just have to start the game, to connect to your Origin account and start in the game.

As it is not technically an official copy of APEX LEGENDS, mobile controls are not activated. You will need to use a Bluetooth compatible controller.

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