“Gaming tumbler” and “gaming bottle” launched. Developed for E-sports player

Peacock Magic Bottle Industrial Co., Ltd. launched “Gaming Tumbler (ATX-R55)” and “Gaming Bottles (AKX-R65)” on February 1. The price is 3850 yen for gaming tumblers, and the gaming bottle is 4400 yen (both tax included). Each has a three-color development of blue, red and yellow.

Gaming Tumbler Gaming Bottle is a product developed for E Sports Player, known for Electric Pots and Magic Bottle Products. The company focuses on the water supply scene in the game, whether e-sports show excitement in Japan and abroad. There is still a few unmatidated markets related to dining and drinking in the game, and there are many players with unpleasant memories and negative emotions in the game, and they are comfortable for both products. Providing a play environment.

The size of the gaming tumbler is 9.1 × 9.0 × 16.4 cm, a diameter of 7.7 cm, the actual capacity is 0.55 l. It has a structure with excellent stability, and it is equipped with an elastomer grip that is easy to grasp even with sweat hands. In addition, a straight type stainless steel straw that “speed charge is possible without removing the line of sight from the monitor”. Silicone cover can be attached to the mouth.

The length of the straw out of the lid is about 10 cm, which means that the microphone does not hit even when the headset is installed. As for the lid, the contents are difficult to spill even if the lid is divided, and the user does not wet the user’s important device.

The size of one gaming bottle is 7.8 × 9.7 × 27.8 cm, a diameter of 4.8 cm, and the actual capacity is 0.65 l. This is a style in which a straw-type drink is incorporated, and it can be easily opened and closed with one-hand finger. After all thinking of the sense of speed, we adopted design that works with operability. Furthermore, due to the stained structural design, the contents are not spilled even if the mouth is closed. And the grip part is made of silicone designed based on ergonomics.

The vacuum adiabatic double structure is common to both products and is characterized in that it does not condense in addition to achieving long-time cooling performance. Even if you don’t bother, condensation may get wet due to condensation, which may lead to a result, but it is relieved in such aspects.

Both products use an inner bottle that is less susceptible to corrosion due to salinity and rust, and compatible with sports drinks and oral reinforcements. Furthermore, the gaming tumbler also corresponds to carbonated beverages.

According to the company’s survey, more than 80% of the respondents answered that there is a compositor with comfortable functionality (tumbler and bottle with comfortable functionality), It is said that the functionality unique to the magic bottle was also important. Such opinions were incorporated into a gaming tumbler gaming bottle, and have further pursued speed charge.

“Gaming tumbler gaming bottle” can be purchased by Amazon, Rakuten Market, and EDION, as well as Peacock Online Shop. Please check the official site for product details.

  • In the official Twitter account, the release commemorative present campaign is being implemented.

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