The new video game film by Dwayne Johnson is Call of Duty, affirms a report

Last week, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson burst internet by announcing that he will star in a movie that will adapt a popular videogame franchise. While the actor only revealed that an official announcement will be made this year, a new Giant Damn Robot report affirms that Johnson will star in a Call of Duty movie. Apparently, this revelation comes from one of the “reliable and proven” sources of the environment. However, the fanatics of the Call of Duty Blizzard Franchise will want to take this calm until we get some kind of official confirmation.

CALL OF DUTY: The Movie - Starring Dwayne
The sources of Giant Freakin Robot could not offer additional details about this possible adaptation of Call of Duty, including its configuration. Since the series made its debut in 2003, the Games have taken place during World War II, the Cold War, the modern era and even in the not too distant future. As such, it is difficult to say when the movie could take place or what character could end up playing The Rock.

If these rumors about a Call of Duty movie turn out to be incorrect, it will be interesting to see what game Johnson refers. The actor recently appeared in fortnite, where he assumed the role of The Foundation, an important character in the tradition of the game. The real battle is popular enough to justify the live action movie of it! It is also possible that Johnson may appear in Paramount sonic the hedgehog 2. In the first film, Sonic makes a comment about The Rock is the president, and although the line is played to laugh, it has given rise to many speculation about whether the actor-converted fighter could appear in the sequel.

The Rock has already appeared on two adaptations of live action video games: Condenar and alboroto. Both films premiered with a mixed reception, but video game adaptations are having a Renaissance at this time. Hollywood has realized that faithful adaptations may succeed, which has led video game developers to get directly involved in adaptations, such as paramount +. Aureola and HBO The last of us. Whether Johnson stars a Call of Duty movie or something completely different, let’s hope that the movie has strong links with its original material!

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