Prosoc chef Kort on the player mediation at US

Mr. Kortst, who answers their agency?

That’s really wide. You can not say that all are young, USA affine people – there are many who simply want to combine football and studies. Since the US and Canada are the best countries for this. And also that many play around their second chance of professional football, is right – and that is not unrealistic. You have to know this wish as an agency, accordingly one chooses the universities. There are simply very different levels of performance.

How many players do you convey on average per year.

About 20. We also do not accept our pool in order to ensure individual care. The rule is that one goes over to the winter semester – that is in August -. But even the summer semester is possible.

And what level does a player or a player have to bring?

At the girls from U-17 Bundesliga or Women’s Regional League, at the guys about U-19 regional league. But we have already conveyed players from the U-19 Association GLIGA. The possibility of an opportunity assessment gets everyone, we would only not take anyone in which we do not see a real chance.

You also speak candidates directly – how is the distribution in a vintage?

In about 60 percent come to us, 40 percent we recruit yourself.

At what age does it start?

The girls are often in their personal plans earlier, as it starts with 16 years. In the best case you go directly after the abi, so with 18 years, over. But that is of course demanding: you have to learn for the high school exams, but at the same time take care of the language tests and generally drive the whole ‘Apparatz USA’. Ideally, the players are one to two years before graduation in our pool – there is no at the earliest time.

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And when is you too old?

Basically, we first look at the personal situation of the individual players who depend less from age, but from the period of graduation. A ‘Gap-Year’ _ (one year break) _ is possible, but then you have to enroll in an American college to get the chance to study. Players can also go to the United States as “transfer students”, as those who are already enrolled in Germany at a university. Also a master is possible in the US after a bachelor in Germany.

To what extent can you choose where to takeout?

Of course there is a say: If a player says he wants to go to the big city, then we would not contact a university in the countryside. And then we see how the resonance is: can we get a package together in terms of performance levels, financial framework etc. a package that fits? The final decision always meets the player with his family. We are advisable to help and speak our recommendations.

Are there any colleges that have a particularly good reputation? Where all want to do?

Clear. At the guys, it’s Santa Barbara, with the girl Stanford.

Sounds expensive. Who can expect it to take on all costs?

With this so-called ‘Full Ride’, ie a full fellowship, it is about a sum between $ 200,000 and $ 300,000 until the conclusion. In the girls we can supply some in every year. In the boys, it is more of the exception than the rule, most of them have to expect a deductible between $ 8,000 and $ 12,000 a year – so in something that costs a degree here in Germany with all the trimmers and turn. In general, there are three pillars: tuition fees, accommodation, meals – depending on the scholarship that is a thing, the other is not. You have to look closely and even neglect.

If you can score with athletes, this is the best advertising for colleges.

Sebastian Kork

What are the colleges actually? Why invest so much means in scholarships for talented athletes?

Reputation. College sport is a multi-fluid dollar industry and inextricably linked to the branding and the reputation of the school. A successful sports team simply ensures a very positive external representation in the competition that prevails among the universities. If you can score points with athletes who are professionally playing professionally, this is the best advertising for the colleges.

Who pays you actually for your work? The universities?

No, they should not spend any money for this. We conclude contracts with the players – or their parents. But we only take a small deposit. The actual agency fee will be due only after successful completion. We are thus measuring the switch success.

Factor training – that will be taken seriously, right? You just hear just from the football and basketball area, which is the college stars there with the academic already very easy…

We did not have personal experiences. In general, the first year is almost everywhere a kind of refreshing, because the arrival is made easy. But then it attracts it, you have to be there and stay. But if we compare the performance levels: our German players have always been a pretty good cut, there are few who have bad notes or threads.

The academic level is therefore lower?

You also have to hold that the students get much more assistance there. And, which is also interesting: The coach is also measured at the notes of the players. That means: If a team is very good of the note cut, he gets more funding. So he is also interested that players can not grind the school. There are also punishments in bad notes and you do not play anymore. In addition, players with good academic values ​​have the opportunity to increase their scholarship in the following years.

How can you imagine football played there?

Very athletic, fast and technical. The tactical is somewhat neglected from a German view. But in general, it is so that the players and players at the college are physically pretty demanded. In the season preparation, partly twice a day is trained.

Will every player convey every player to their agency?

Yes, that’s usually the same. There are in section between three and five offers at the guys. With the girls, it can also be significantly more, because the competition is just not that big. It is already so we understand ourselves as a premium agency. We choose the players who come into our pool exactly, have a comprehensive network and a partner contract with the US association. The coaches trust our personal recommendation.

Do you have figure signs – players who have “made”?

The most famous name is certainly Laura freigang, where they were already a national player when we gave them to the Pennsylvania State. At that time, she decided despite offers from the Women’s Bundesliga for the US and has traveled to Germany again and again to Germany. At the guys we had no, which landed in the MLS. Paul Hoffmeister was nominated for the draft, but was not selected. But many of our players were honored and honored in their universities and leagues.


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