“Overwhelmingly negative” evaluated battlefield 2042, even updates

After launch, the “Battlefield 2042”, which is criticized by the users, posted an update schedule for completeness.

February, the Developer Dice (Dice) announced on future update plans in the future through the “Battlefield 2042> official Twitter. Dais said, “I made a decision to postpone the Season 1 updates in early summer to give a variety of improvements,” he said. “

Daisa explained that the content update is postponed, instead of being postponed, it is expected that improvement work on the first half of the game in the early days before the summer. ▲ VoIP (Voice Chat) Added ▲ Scoreboard and Squad System Improvement ▲ Improvement of Squad System ▲ Improvement of Compensation System ▲ Improvement of Bay Radiation Based on Community Feedback ▲ Forwarding Update for Portal Mode Moding Tools.

The <Battlefield 2042, which was released on November 19, 21, receives the fans’ jiotrotes while being assessed that they are compared to the previous work in terms of completion. For example, the Battlefield 2042 was “overwhelmingly negative” in the steam ‘recent user evaluation’. Only 18% of the user who left the game to the game for a month is a positive response. The steam concurrent users were pushed to the previous .

Battlefield 2042 Now Has Overwhelmingly Negative Steam Review Score, EA Ashamed To Share Sales

As the criticism of the fans continued, the performance surrounding the Battlefield 2042 is not good. Dais’s parent company EA acknowledged in February, “said Battlefield 2042”. In the Q & A session, it refuses to detailed answers to the sales volume, “Obviously less sales volume than expected,” Battlefield 2042 is a game that looked for a long-term perspective. Our goal was to add new content and fun “.

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