LOL: The surprise champion chosen in competitive that could confirm a worrying trend

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When I needed Riot Games a surprise champion appeared in the competitive of League of Legends . Nukeduck, player of Excel ESPORTS, chose Sona in the central lane in his confrontation against Rogue for the eighth day of LEC. An alternative selection that bet on a new strategy based on two support champions and that seemed to be able to give an opportunity to the British set in front of a team that comes in a state in a very superior way.

A bet against League of Legends systems

The choice of Sona in the central lane It seems a moderate version of the defamed strategy with Janna that have already begun to use professionals. An idea that tries to intentionally exploit the rewards system introduced in League of Legends 12 season using a champion that needs few resources, scales well to the late game and offers evident superiority in group fights. Alternative that in this case had a disastrous ending due to a single but gigantic EXCEL ESPORTS error fighting for the dragon.

Maybe the problem of Excel ESPORTS was not having chosen a good customer for this game idea **. Although Rogue is reputed to be a used team to let the minutes pass, the team has presented a renewed version of Self in this Summer Split of LEC 2022. They have become the fastest quintet of Europe when it comes to closing items being able to have won their last eight clashes with a mean duration of just over 29 minutes.

Riot Games has always been open to allow alternative strategies in League of Legends, but on all occasions it was found with a very negative scenario: the ways to play rarely used to become the dominant and felt very badly at the game. A SITAUTION by which they will eliminate the particular way of playing Janna Top, but that perhaps invite them to allow them to both when the teams explore alternatives without imposing too many restrictions.

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