Pokemon Legends: Arceus – Tips & Tricks for beginners

In Tipps and Tricks Guide for Pokémon Legends: Arceus Learn:

  • How to boost the combat efficiency of your Pokémon
  • Which special dealers hide in the village
  • With which tricks you the Pokémon mostly fanges

Pokémon Legends: Arceus throws you in a colorful Open World , in which it is teeming by Pokémon. The latest game of the main series throws old gameplay elements overboard and makes many things differently.

Special focus is placed on the interaction with the game world and catching the pocket monsters. Items can be manufactured and next to orders are released. In this guide, we give new entrants useful tips on the hand, with which you will find out quickly in the Hisui region.

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Attacks learn to master attacks and increase performance levels

If you start the game and finished the tutorial, you may choose the starter Pokémon. In the course of the first missions, your access to Belila, a nice woman who finds her on Exercise Square .

New attacks learn

Belila occurs as a hard-boiled front fighter and gives you the opportunity to teach your Pokémon new attacks. These are usually about attacks that your Pokémon does not learn through the regular stage increase . Which attacks you can learn, depends on the type of Pokémons. Each attack costs money. The better the attack, the deeper you have to grab the purse.

Tempotechnik & Instructification

If you are fighting with your Pokémon, it collects experience and improves handling of its attacks. Has it used an attack often enough, you turn off the tempo and force technology of the respective attack. Tempotechniken align less damage, but allow it to attack more often. Input techniques cause more damage, but also ensure that you have an attack.

If you want to skip the learning process, you can force the champion of the attack at Belila by donating a masterpiece . There are several ways to get a master championship. Master seeds can be obtained as an order reward or by defeating Pokémon.

Increase performance level & find performance sand

The performance level indicates how strong your Pokémon is and how expanded its values ​​are. The performance level can be viewed in the report of the corresponding Pokémon. Here, for example, you can see how much attack, defense and initiative owns the Pokémon.

You can also increase the performance level on Belila by donating your power sand . Performance sand is obtained by defeating Pokémon or when your prisoner Pokémon releases again.

How do I improve the farm in the village?

In the middle of the village you will find a big field. Here you can grow useful herbs , mushrooms or apricoco , which you need for the production of poké balls. This not only saves time, but also plenty of inventory space, which you can also use well for other things.

After you have completed the tutorial and are at least 8 Pokémon in your possession, you can talk to a villagers here to order the field. Every new harvest will cost you a few coins. Afterwards you have to wait a little until you can pick up the finished resources.

How do I unlock new field floor?

In the later course of the game you will get the opportunity to expand your farm and unlock new field ground. For this you have to go to one of the farmer at hand, which asks you in a secondary order therefore to borrow a Pokémon, which has the following characteristics:

  1. Extension: Pokémon of Type Soil
  2. Extension: Pokémon of Type Water
  3. Extension: Pokémon, which dominates “rock beat”.

Do not worry, you can pick up your pokémon away at any time by exchanging it against another Pokémon that has the same type or attack.

Here you can buy useful talismans

Another helpful point of contact in the village is fumie, the old lady on lucky . Fumie sells Talismans who grant you passive bonuses. These bonuses help you mainly on your expeditions and can increase your resistance or ensure that you do not lose any items if you become unconscious.

Talismans you can buy:

  • Terry Talisman – protects against the loss of items when you go to ground.
  • Schutzalisman – You take longer before you become unconscious.
  • Status Valley – protects against status issues by Pokémon attacks.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus | 7 Tips for beginners

That’s how you catch every Pokémon!

Catching new Pokémons is core mechanics of each game. The farther her in the Hisui region promotes, the stronger the Pokémon, which meet you in the field. New Pokémon’s own not only to expand your team, but are also given away in many co-missions to the client who remunerates with a juicy reward.

In Arceus, it is also important to fill the Pokédex and to complete Pokédex orders , which introduce you to research points with which you increase your research level. Many of these tasks require the catching of certain Pokémons and give you how to proceed while catching.

Surprise maneuvers guarantee a better fishing rate

If you want to give you an advantage, it is advisable to split around Pokémons around. Moving you ducked and uses Grasbüschel to camouflage. Aimes with the Pokéball on the back of the Pokémon to achieve the best possible starting result.

uses special poké balls and baits

As usual in the main series, there is also a variety of poké balls in Arceus, which can be used for catching. A HEADBALL does not fly much far, but increases the chance to catch the Pokémon directly. Spring Balls Fly extremely fast and are therefore well suited for catching especially Flicker Pokémon.

In addition to the poké balls, there are also special baits that make you feel like catching. Bait can be made on workbands . The corresponding recipes can either be purchased at the dealer or are available as an order compensation of special next orders.

Each Pokémon has a very own preference when it comes to the right bait. In the Pokédex, you will provide information about the favorite food of the Pokémon and can also find out which bait is best suited. Just ship the bait near the Pokémon and waits until the Pokémon crashes on the bait before you ship your Pokéball.

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