Pokemon Legends Arceus: Deep technical analysis puts it to the test

Little more than a week has passed since the launch of _ Pokemon Legends: Arceus _, and it seems that the community finally agreed that we are facing one of the best titles of the acclaimed franchise. However, multiple criticisms have also emerged towards their graphic and technical section, but are the complaints against them are really justified?

As usual, Digital Foundry has shared a new and detailed analysis where they carefully examine the technical aspect of arceous . While games like Super Mario Odyssey, Breath of the Wild and even The Witcher 3 have shown that the switch is much more powerful than we thought, arceous stays short in this section And it seems that actually Game Freak has no excuse.

In the analysis, Digital Foundry explains that Arceus goes down to 720p resolution to keep the performance of the game stable, however, there are also other scenarios where its resolution is maintained at 900P. The problem is that ARCEUS uses a rescuer technique at 1080p, which causes distortion in the image and that certain elements look much worse. This is particularly remarkable in closed areas as caves.

DIGITAL FOUNDRY concludes that Background or textures slightly detailed in certain lands.

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Have you not given the opportunity to Arceus ? We suggest you take a look at our written review so that you know why we are in front of a sensational game of Pokémon that the fans of the saga should definitely play.

Editor’s note: Pokémon Games have never excelled for their graphic section, but I agree that Game Freak has to start worrying about this area. It has been shown that the switch is a much more capable machine than we thought, so with a little more time and better optimization, the next Pokémon should be up to the other exclusive switch.

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