Intra Games, Ducking of Fighters XV Package Pre-order Progress

Intra Games (representative compensation) announced that the 7th Anniversary Fighting Game Ducking of Fighters XV (KOF XV) is released ahead of the release of PlayStation 4, Play Station 5, Xbox Series X Package Preorder.

KOF XV has been steadily popular throughout the series from the character of the fans from the request of the fans, and a total of 39 characters to the new character in this title will participate in the dream match. It will also show the story of the New Story’s main character ‘Shunuei’, which connects the Oro, Neshes, and Ash Saga,

KOF XV ‘series traditional three-to-three teams in succession and built new systems and live in battle. Online War IN Netcord adopts a rollback method to provide a layer of soft online play.

You can enjoy multiple charges such as ‘Rank Match’, ‘Casual Match’, ‘Room Match’, and ‘Online Training’, based on this. You can also update the “Draft” to take off your opponent and character.

Gamers who have purchased KOF XV can obtain ‘Arran: Mark of The Wolves’ Terry Bogde DLC Costume with early purchase bonus.

The KOF XV corresponds to a free upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version in PlayStation 4 version. However, in order to this end, a play table 5 with a disk drive is required.

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