Ex developer to Battlefield 2042: “Would you like to have copied Battlefield 3”

The ego shooter Battlefield 2042 is also a few months after the launch in the crossfire of criticism. The fans complain about the state of the game and persistent problems. Even the Publisher Electronic Arts has recently admitted that Battlefield 2042 remained behind the expectations. It also sees an ex developer of the Battlefield series, which even made a concrete proposal, as the dilemma could have avoided.

“Copies just Battlefield 3”

This is the former employee around Jaqub Ajmal, who used to work with DICE as a Global Community Manager. There he looked at Battlefield 3, among other things, which goes to this day with many fans as one of the best games of the series. He has recently told him about Twitter and expressed his incomprehension for the state of Battlefield 2042.

_ “What bothers is the fact that Battlefield 3 already exists. Just look at it very carefully and copies it. The recipe was perfected in many aspects. Simply take this as a basis and improves the technology.” _

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The best battlefield of all time?

Accordingly, Ajmal suggests that DICE has increased in the development of Battlefield 2042 (now € 30.22 / € 32.99). Many of whose gameplay elements would have worked well in his opinion, so they would have been a good foundation for more games. He received approval from the Content Creator Westie. In his view, the Shooter series with Battlefield 3 actually reached its peak and therefore for him to today’s best battlefield of all time **.

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