ResPawn Entertainment Published with Apex Legends: Disobedience The next big update for the Battle-Royale shooter. Disobedience leads the new temporary “control” mode, the new legend MAD Maggie, a card update for the saboted Olympus, a new Battle Pass and a collective and community event on the occasion of the third birthday.

The Battle Pass Trailer can be seen here:

An overview of all contents of Apex Legends: Disobedience can be found below:

  • New mode “Control”: This temporary new mode offers players: in the first three weeks of “disobedience” a new way to experience Apex Legends. Control is an action-packed 9-counter-9 spectacle in which two teams fight for the conquest of control points on the map. Teamwork is crucial in this mode with the largest teams to date, as the legends need to find new ways to get the optimum out of their squads.
  • New legend Mad Maggie: It is the drained warlord and most porceled crazy of outlands and comes as a new legend as a demolition bulb about the Apex games. Thanks to their skill with shotguns, the ability to eliminate opponents: indoors in cover and their ultimate ability MAD Maggie is an offensive heroine created for an aggressive style of play.
  • Saboted Olympus: A sneaky creech attack of the new legend Mad Maggie, which teleports objects and buildings through the city, has taken care of Olympus for chaos. Since Mad Maggies Sabotage has disturbed the natural order, the legends need to quickly adapt to their new environment to survive.

  • New Battle Pass: In it, players coming: New skins like SEERS Legendary “Aces High”, Lobas Legendary Law Violation Skin and full sets for Ash, Crypto and Lifeline, which contain new epic skins. When completing the disobedience Battle Pass, the reactive Hemlock skins “Gentleman Baller” and “Screens” are unlockable. In addition, the Battle Pass still contains many other exciting rewards, such as music packs, charging screens, emotes, badges, weapons talismans and more.
  • Celebration on the occasion of the third birthday: In the first three weeks of Apex Legends: Disobedience can players: participate in at the birthday party by securing the following login rewards:
    • 08. Until 15th of February: three Octane theme packs and the legend themselves (if not yet in the squad)
    • 15. Until 22 February: three wattson theme packs and the legend themselves (if not yet in the squad)
    • 22. February to 01 March: Three Valkyrie theme packs as well as a legendary pack and the legend itself (if not yet in the squad)

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Apex Legends: Disobedience is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and PC via Origin and Steam.

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