“Apex Legends” Brad Hound New Skin Pros and cons of the pros and cons. While the rumor stage, the big expectation

Next Waketsu “Apex Legends” to open the new season “Deference” on February 9th. The other day, the public gameplay trailer showed off the new skin of Brad Hound. From the trailer video, the annotation can be confirmed that “to unlock the finisher after Press Skin Tier 2 and later” (4:30). From this, it is considered that design and finisher are added depending on the new skin for some achievement conditions. After the trailer release, many users have improved their sense of expectation for the appearance of innovative skins.

However, this prestige skin has widespread rumors that are complete compensation for the third anniversary collection event. Informal videos that introduce the content that can be obtained in the season 12 seems to be the beginning. In response to this, the overseas bulletin board Reddit lasts for the user’s criticism. The 3rd anniversary is rising to the voice of Boycott.

So how many costs will be needed to get this complete compensation? If it is a sense of cost as a conventional collection event, you need a 17800 Apex coin to complete (summary purchase discount at least 1.09 yen per 1 APEX coin). You can also use a craft metal exchange or bundle discount, but it is not cheap even if it subtracts it. In short, it is expensive.

However, the sales system for this complete compensation has not started now. All super legends excluding Lace Kunai have been sold as a complete compensation at the previous collection event. Super legend is a compensation when all 24 items sold at the collection event are compensation, and it is not selling one type of item.

Also, super legends sold so far are also available by using super legend shards that are discharged to less than 1% from Apex packs. Although the emission rate is very low probability, a ceiling of 500 packs is provided. Therefore, it was possible to get it even after a limited time collection event (whether the prestige skin is likely to be available by super legend shards is unclear at this point).

In other words, the sales system itself has been done before. Nevertheless, what is the cause of angry this time? It might be due to the reaction of the expectation that the user hugged for the prestige skin.

Repeating but from the trailer annotation, the prestige skin is considered to have a change in the design by achieving some conditions and raising the tier. In addition, it seems to be unlocked to a dedicated finisher by raising the tier. Skin growing according to the tier seems to be a factor that has not been in “Apex Legends” so far, and seems to be built more than super legend. Among the users who were not interested in the limited items until now, there were many people who wanted this skin.

In addition, there are several parts that are reminiscent of “TITANFALL 2” for the design of the Prestige skin this time. Campaign mode hero jack cooper helmet and match mode
There should also be fans who have been heard about the appearance of skins that incorporated previous designs, such as cloak equipment.

Of course, most users should have been prepared to be more expensive than usual limited skin. However, it seems that some of the usual expectations have been greatly exceeded that the amount of $ 164 (about 15,000 yen) is required as the super legend. Also, unlike super legends that can only be seen on the player perspective and watching screens, legend skins are likely to be visible. This may also spur on their anger.

The super legend and this skin also do not make gameplay more advantageous (depending on the finisher’s specifications, there is a possibility to work a little more favorable). Nevertheless, there are few users who spoke anger, because the expectations for new skin were large. On the other hand, sales of items in the game should be a live line for basic play free “Apex Legends”. If this rumor is true, however, however, will both be convinced that both sides can be convinced by the passing of the new season opening and the user who has created the third anniversary event. Future trends are noted.

“Apex Legends” season 12 “Defiism” will be delivered on February 9, Japan.

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