Survival Quiz Action “Survival Quiz City” to March 4th. Hachame Chakuisu brawl who kicks down with knowledge and armed force

Publisher’s PHOENIX announced on January 26 to release the survival quiz action game “ Survival Quiz City ” on March 4th. The compatible platform is PC (Steam), the price is tax-included 2050 yen. At the same time, Steam Play test (user participation test) is conducted on February 12-13.

“Survival QUIZ CITY” is the first of the works of the game label “GAAR STUDIO” in BANZAI NAM Costansó Co., Ltd. The player will be a city of CITY and will challenge the survival quiz. If it is a quiz, it will stand as a winning team, and the losing team aims to win from a tough position. Together with the number of people connected online, they compete with players.

There are two rules in this work. One is the “survival rule” that the last surviving one will win. As a game flow, first the quiz challenge with many people. Problems are issued from various genres, such as food and animals. At this time, the player who made the answer mistake or the delayed player is treated as a “loser”. The floor is missing and falls to the action stage and aims to goal within the time limit.

On the other hand, “Winners”, which has been quickly correct to the quiz, is a weapon and attacked towards a loser that aims to goal desperately. Clear. Shopping at the shop is possible between each round. A variety of effects of effectiveness can be lined in the shop. Power up your character using coins that earn and prepare for the next round.

Another rule is “prize money rules”. The player who had the most coins at the end of the final round will win. There is no dropout, and everyone can play all rounds. However, the player’s player who did not reach the goal within the time limit needs attention because it loses a coin that earns. On the other hand, there is also a reverse element in the final round. If someone in the loser player can press the switch installed in front of the goal, the winning team loses all property and attacks the loser, and the championship opens will be the losing set.

Quiz, stage, gimmick, and weapons have various things. In addition to the dash quiz, 3 questions / 5 quizzes, and the type of problem such as a quick press quiz, the various fierce wars are expanded, with a dash quiz, a quiz, and the type of problem. In addition, if you use the original quiz, you can create quizzes and play with custom matches. It is possible to expose your own quiz and play in other players, and it’s possible to enjoy it in the middle of the association and enjoy it in various situations.

『Survival Quiz CITY』プレイヤーテストで遊んでみる

For matching, there are random matches incorporated by 30 players and custom matches to play with other players join in the rooms created by the host player. The rooms created with a custom match can also be set to passwords, and you can choose and participate from the list to the “public” room that does not set passwords.

This work performs a play test before launch to verify build and game server stability. The implementation schedule is from 13:00 on February 12 to 23:00. You can experience the “Survival Quiz City” equivalent to the product version that has many new elements including the original quiz of the new announcement.

“Survival Quiz City” is scheduled to be released on Steam on March 4th. The price is tax-included 2050 yen.

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