The second season of Jujustu Kaisen is far from being a reality

Although jujitsu Kaiser 0 , the film of the acclaimed GENE AUTUMN work is still a success in the cinemas of Japan, It seems that for the moment there are still no plans to perform a second anime season , something that will disappoint more than one fan.

During a recent online conference, the president of Munich Broadcasting System (MBS), one of the stations that is part of the producing committee of this series, revealed that there are still no concrete plans to perform a second season of jujitsu Kaiser . This was what was commented about:

At this point we have to wait to discuss or implement concrete plans. But I think we can meet your expectations.

Does this mean that the anime of jujitsu Kaiser has been canceled? No. The first season of the adventures of Yuri Atari were acclaimed by all fans of this form of entertainment, the degree to gain several prizes in different ceremonies . Along with this, jujitsu Kaiser 0 broke many records at the box office, so say goodbye to this production surely it will not happen.

However, considering that ZAPPA, the Animation Study by this adaptation, is working on the latest episodes of attack on titan, as well as in chainsaw Man, is sure they have not had time to work on this project. Now we can only wait. On related topics, these are the Crunchyroll anime Awards nominees. Similarly, Hence anime already has a release date.

Editor’s note:

Jujitsu Kaiser is a great anime and manga. Considering that the second season will be responsible for adapting two of the most beloved arches by the public, as well as the most extensive so far, this requires a detailed planning that will take time.

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