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In keeping with the current release of the co-op tactical shooter Rainbow Six: Extraction, the question arises, how good or bad the game at in international colleagues cut off. Our test PC Games there were 7 of 10 (PC) and 6 of 10 (consoles) points. See the other magazines as well ?

Extraction: What the international tests Rainbow Six say?

As the overview in the review aggregator Metacritic clearly shows Although predominate overall, the positive feedback . However, the rating spectrum is very widespread. It ranges from euphoric 95 points to much more critical 50 points.

Praise there especially for the intense co-op experience of Rainbow Six: Extraction and the successful mix of tactics and stealth elements. The graphical presentation has proved extremely popular with most testers.

There is also much more critical voices, however. This fault among other basic ideas from Rainbow Six: Extraction and the repetitive mission structure. The lack of long-term motivation and little immersive story of the co-op shooter will clash with many testers away.

Inseam t comes Rainbow Six: Extraction currently an average rating of EUR 73 points . Here are the overview:

  • Gamers Heroes – 95/100
  • God is a Geek – 90/100
  • The loadout – 90/100
  • Daily Star – 80/100
  • JeuxVideo – 80/100
  • Exact – 80/100
  • IGN Spain – 80/100
  • Noisy pixels – 80/100
  • Caltech – 79/100
  • Hobby Consoles – 75/100
  • Spain Games – 75/100
  • Replayed – 75/100
  • GamesRadar + – 70/100
  • Destruction – 70/100
  • NGC – 60/100
  • AGN – 60/100
  • Trusted Reviews – 60/100
  • Screen Rant – 60/100
  • Inverse – 50/100

Source: Metacritic

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