Middle Custom Save “e Sports Market Ends”

EDGE of China LPL, which accounts for Rolled Cup last year

China Chang won Sale Ceremonial Daily called ‘2022 Hangzhou Asian Games’, which was held in September, urged to end the confusion of the E-sports industry.

According to Hong Kong South Morning Post (SCMP), the People’s Daily is a recent way to have the confusion of the recent e-sports’ industry and while fans are fighting each other, I said.

E Sports officials said that if they are a so-called ‘fake game’ to create an income through gambling, they would not only be charged with the law, but also give a big hit in the industry. It is not good for the growth of the athlete itself to idol or advocate the players without the reason, he added.

This commentary explained that the commentary came out ahead of Hangzhou Asian games adopted as e-sports formal stocks. However, the Chinese government remains unknown to alleviate the provisions to help e-sports players under the age of 18, ahead of Asian games.

China is now a strong yam of the current game industry. In August, the regulatory authorities are limited to Fridays and Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays of the players under the age of 18, and the establishment and training of e-sports players under the age of 18 are not available. It became added.

As a result of the local report that some clubs have dismissed e-sports players under the age of 18, the Chinese E-sports market is fought into the darkness.

This year, the Chinese E-Sports market is expected to be $34 billion (about 40 trillion won), and the E-Sports market is steady, and China-related industry experts are collecting their mouths.

John Liveries, who issued Chinese Esports Business News Digest in China last November, the consulting or that issued Chinese Esports Business News Digest, said JOHN Liveries representative of Versus Ventures, The uncertainties of the e-sports have grown up, I will see the League OBE Carrier Champion.

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