Japanese-style rogue Light ACT “Samuribli ringer” 2022 spring release decision! Will Susano who lost power can defeat Yamatano Orochi?

PLAY ISM was broadcasted on January 23 PLAY ISM GAME SHOW 2022, and the Japanese-style Rogue Light Action Samurai Bringer by Indie Game Developer Alpha Ding is 2022, PC (STEAM) It announced that it will be released with / PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch. At the same time, STEAM store pages are also released.

This work is a Japanese-style rogue action game that aims to overwhelm the only war skills while fighting with a number of police and monsters on a stage that changes every time you play. The player challenged the Hawken Sent to save Kakinada who became sacrifice as Alabama Susan. I saw Amaterasu Susan saves and gives him to give a trial…. Players will struggle with the Senior period and Yorkie who were summoned from the time of amateurs, and to train them.

War of war marks which can be obtained by defeating the coming and monsters. You can wear a battle such as Misuse or Jump and Jump. In addition, those war technologies can be combined freely and creating original action commands. We will build a war technique for each player only, such as attacks with rotating slashing and flames, and the combo that connects them, and we will discuss many enemies.


In front of Susan, there are also legendary agents that have more than a hundred and more of Odd Nonage, Date Malamute, Canada Yakima. You can get the weapons with different effects by defeating them, and to get the fighting to be favored by wearing it, but also changes the visual of Susan.

The stage is automatically generated and the way to the road is different, or a monster also varies each time, and the battle that can be obtained is also changed. Even if it is done, everything is not wasted, and Susan will be strengthened by stacking Masturbation. In preparation for the battle of all patterns, we will devise a war and train yourself, and aim for Hakka Sales.

Samurai ringer is expected to be released for the 2022 spring PC (STEAM) / PS4 / Nintendo switch, and the price is undecided.

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